Today there are so many things to keep track of, especially as a parent.  Pat yourself on the back guys for making it this far in life.  #TheStruggleIsReal for all of us.  So now have you tried metatation, diets, deep breathing like in Yoga, stretching, exercise, food preperation, etc?  Well, you are like many.

Here is a tip for all of you reading this. (#FoodForThought) What I tell my patients is simply this: less is more.  Start small, be mindful and learn about the things your heart seeks.  This means to choose to cook your meal, go outside and throw the ball with your kid, wake up the first sound of your alarm, drink water and sometimes say “NO” or “Not today!”.

I see patients at my practice all the time that need me to facilitate their care and give them direction and confidence to get there.

We don’t see the change that is occuring because we are the ones that are in our bodies and the people around us are mostly around too often to notice the clearer skin or the whit you used to have come back again.  These are things that you have to be mindful of and have a professionally devoted individual help you with.  That is why I am here.

TO all of you struggling right now in your daily life, here is some #RealIncouragement for you.

  • you’re human
  • you’re strong
  • you’re loved
  • you’re accepted
  • you’re ABLE

Now go and do nothing for a moment accept BE!



Defined as:

What? Yes, there are many definitions out there and many perceptions of what a balanced life consists of.

I am here to tell you that you will have a balance at any one point in time and if it’s not balanced, a stress will be put on to your everyday life eventually causing something to change.  There are two things you can do with this stress: 1. choose to continue what you’re doing or 2. chose to change what you’re doing.

Choosing to stay the way you are currently doing life, and push through you may find brings you back to square one…stressful.  This happens if you are the person who has done this each time you visit this situation in your life.  That means if you have already made this same decision…DON’T make it again.  That is defined as insanity.

ON the other hand. If you have never stuck with something or choose to stick with something, seeing it through, then you may want to try that.

If you notice the if’s and thens that I could repeat for a few pages giving scenarios, you get where I am headed with this.

Life is a balancing act. We have seasons of growth and stagnation. Seasons of being children and raising them.  The seasons can last as long as you let them or choose them to be.  Where ever you are at…stop to smell the roses and watch out for the thorns.


BALANCED is learned.

Learn to CHOOSE.

Choose the life you desire and remember…you can ALWAYS choose something else if the first 100 choices don’t work for your season.