Defined as:

What? Yes, there are many definitions out there and many perceptions of what a balanced life consists of.

I am here to tell you that you will have a balance at any one point in time and if it’s not balanced, a stress will be put on to your everyday life eventually causing something to change.  There are two things you can do with this stress: 1. choose to continue what you’re doing or 2. chose to change what you’re doing.

Choosing to stay the way you are currently doing life, and push through you may find brings you back to square one…stressful.  This happens if you are the person who has done this each time you visit this situation in your life.  That means if you have already made this same decision…DON’T make it again.  That is defined as insanity.

ON the other hand. If you have never stuck with something or choose to stick with something, seeing it through, then you may want to try that.

If you notice the if’s and thens that I could repeat for a few pages giving scenarios, you get where I am headed with this.

Life is a balancing act. We have seasons of growth and stagnation. Seasons of being children and raising them.  The seasons can last as long as you let them or choose them to be.  Where ever you are at…stop to smell the roses and watch out for the thorns.


BALANCED is learned.

Learn to CHOOSE.

Choose the life you desire and remember…you can ALWAYS choose something else if the first 100 choices don’t work for your season.

The 411 on Goals

today is the day…

This is what you think when you wake, before the feet hit the pavement. Then…the next thought is CRUCIAL!

Don’t think after that first thought. Don’t talk yourself out of the first thought:) you GOT this if you just DO what your first thought said to DO.

Goals are simple if they are done day to day and adjusted to align once a week, biweekly or monthly. Sometimes I set up long term goals and look at them quarterly.

Know yourself and create goals to help your faults first. We all have hurdles and faults that need to be addressed before we set the goals to the MOON.  Small steps, slow and steady will get you to your largest goals.



Young & Healthy…Are you?

How to keep your youth, realistically.

When your friends and family are getting fat, breaking legs, feeling fatigued and maybe even getting diagnosed with cancer.  It’s TIME to GET SERIOUS!

Get a general practitioner that will be there for you long term, maybe even helping your kids.  This is step number 1 to becoming healthy and preventing your ill health.  Now that you have established a GP (general practitioner), it’s TIME to GET EQUIPPED!

That’s right.  Read everything you can on things you enjoy and leave the rest to the experts.  Find a professional that will help you exercise properly, eat well, and educate you with the long term part of the healthy lifestyle.  You need to have time to think about what you want out of life and how to relay this to your doctor and also the health providers you surround yourself with.  You are all different and have different needs to achieve those goals.  Finally, it’s TIME to GET FRIENDS!

Things are always better when you can share them!

Health is serious, but only when we are not in good health.  It seems that most people wait to help themselves.  I urge you to take the time now to help your self in the future.  Did you know that many people with acid re-flux have a Hiatal Hernia that can be manually adjusted with out surgery!!  I have had numerous patients in office that have eliminated acid re-flux and now averted having surgery.  This is AWESOME for patients in two ways: cost savings (no surgery and not missing work) and less invasive. Talk to your health care professional about 1-2 times every year to set goals and make sure you are preventing bad habits for your health.



Starting a health911 blog! Let’s solve your health problem stat:)


I am here as a doctor, educator, friend, sister, wife, mom and business owner to spill my guts about health in all forms.  This blog will be here to help those seeking how to reach their goals by first thinking about, then setting them.  (leading by example of course!)

I hope this finds you well and you can learn from my long and intense journey into health and well-being.


Dr. Nicole