Diabetes is reversible. Dementia is type 3 diabetes.

When “they” say there are no other options. Remember…there are!

As busy as today’s world is, it is sometimes better to do nothing.  The same is said with health.  There are many things out there that are good for our health.  This is dependent on other markers.  It is never a one size fits all in health.  If you are anemic it is not good for you to exercise, but if you are not anemic it is beneficial to exercise.  See where I am going with this?

Having a party last weekend at our home really drove home the most simplistic view is most times the one that is over looked. This can be deadly.

Don’t try to do fifteen different things from ten different doctors offices trying to accomplish anything.  This may seem a no brainer but we all do it.  Think about it.  We go to this doctor for my skin and that doctor for constipation.  They usually have a common denominator.  If you are having a few symptoms and some other random symptoms and/or possibly some family history of dementia, stroke, high BP/cholesterol, auto-immune disease, take it serious and get help from a professional.  You will thank your self in 10 years.

Things to do with your health:

  1. Ask your friends who they see and do your research on providers.  Do you want to see an MD, DC, NP, etc.  Each have their pros and cons and you have to figure out what type of provider works for you on achieving your health goals.
  2. Primary care physician is a must to direct your care.  A true primary care physician will be educated in most areas of health and be able to determine what needs to be addressed and what will go away with addressing the real issue.
    1. There is a difference between a MD and DC primary care model.  Diagnostic and Functional. To learn more please contact our office. (651) 633-4291.
  3. Save money to pay for your care.  The last thing you want is insurance dictating what your care will be.  This is not usually the way you’ll achieve the best health.  The best of doctors for prevention usually are not covered by insurance, rather you pay cash or use your HSA or FSA’s. Up front cost will help you live a quality of life by addressing your true issues and not treat the symptoms.
  4. Follow your plan and don’t jump ship from one thing to another.  It takes time to get better.  Symptoms can be a gage but doesn’t always mean everything to what is going on. This requires check-ins with your doctor to understand if what you are experiencing is normal or not.

Contrary to the common belief.  Our brain is plastic. Diabetes is reversible (even type 1 when caught in it’s early stage). There are many types of diabetes: type 1 (Autoimmune), type 2 (insulin resistant), type 1.5 (chronic type 2 morphing into type 1) and type 3 (diabetes of the brain. A.K.A. dementia).  Auto-immune disease (MS, Psoriasis, Hoshimoto’s, type 1 diabetes, etc) are reversible.

Research is revealing things we have been questioning for hundreds of years. If you have been told that there is nothing else you can do for your health, I challenge you to challenge that diagnosis and treatment model.



LIVER = Health

New research is coming in about your liver and your health.  It is nothing extremely new that your ability to detox (with your liver) is going to help you have better health.  What is new in the research is that there are over 350+ functions of the liver and they are all important.

As our population ages, so does the research on the contributors to health in that population.  Like Alzeimer’s Disease (AD) and dementia.  I bet you don’t know the difference?!

The liver has been studied lately with it’s correlations to how we utilize or breakdown our prescription drugs.  This link is important.  If you age and your liver functions less optimal and you start taking more drugs.  What is your risk of other health concerns?  When our liver is sluggish and it’s functions quit we get symptoms that can range from physical like pain between the shoulder blades or simple like having to take more of your pain med or other drugs because they are suddenly less effective.

If you have thought about my question about the difference between AD and Dementia I will give you a brief and general overview below. Continue reading “LIVER = Health”

Blood sugar regulation: a key component to our health.

Building blocks to health.  Strong foundation = strong and healthy body.

Our cells in our body need:

  1. Fuel: glucose + oxygen
  2. Activation

Our cells need fuel and activation at just the right amount to stay healthy.  If you have too little glucose (hypoglycemia) or too little oxygen (anemia) or too little activation (physical or mental activity) you will have apoptosis (cell death).  It can be the same with too much: glucose (diabetes), oxygen (hyperventilation) or activation (neuro-degeneration).

“This is important for you to know because when your body is busy regulating the foundation or building blocks to your health, it cannot take care of anything else.”

One of our building blocks:

Blood sugar has an optimal range in our blood (70-100mg/dl fasting).  If this is under 70 you will be low (hypoglycemic), if this is higher than 126 you will be high (diabetes) and if it is in between 100-126 you will be pre-diabetic.

Blood sugar needs to be regulated like this to allow our body to function the best way it knows how.  If your body is not able to do this with ease then your body will only focus on this and never move to fixing anything else that needs attention.  Why is that important?

This is important because each cell and organ needs repair through out our lives.  It’s more than just once a year like some car maintenance.  It is daily and hourly and sometimes each minute.  Our bodies are made to work 24 hours a day.  Day time we break things, use things and consume things. Night time we build things, store things and clean up for the next day.  For those of you with kids you get this system very well.

“Kids go to sleep and we reorganize the house to start all over again in the morning.”  -Parent

The circadian rhythm of the body goes something like this:

  1. Wake up (high cortisol, low growth hormone/melatonin)
  2. Enjoy the day (moderate cortisol, moderate growth hormone/melatonin)
  3. Go to bed (low cortisol, high growth hormone/melatonin)
  4. Repeat cycle


If you have dis-regulated blood sugars all day for many days, you can count on your cortisol levels to be affected. When you are healthy, this will correct itself and you will have no symptoms.  When our blood sugar drops (from no food for periods of 2+hours during the day/night) our cortisol levels increase to raise the sugar levels in our blood.

Common side affects of dis-regulated blood sugar:

  • Head Aches
  • Mood changes
  • Visual Disturbances
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Pitter Patter of the heart
  • Food Cravings
  • Clammy Skin
  • Seizures
  • Weight Gain/unable to loose
  • Fatigue

“Every cell in your body needs sugar (glucose) to function. When your blood sugar levels drop too low, your cells become starved for energy. Initially, that can cause minor symptoms, but if you don’t get your blood sugar levels up soon, you’re at risk of serious complications like adrenal fatigue, diabetes, loss of consciousness, hormonal response, etc.”

There are ways to help with this that are simple.  Please reach out to learn more at our clinic: (651) 633-4291

Continue reading “Blood sugar regulation: a key component to our health.”

Young & Healthy…Are you?

How to keep your youth, realistically.

When your friends and family are getting fat, breaking legs, feeling fatigued and maybe even getting diagnosed with cancer.  It’s TIME to GET SERIOUS!

Get a general practitioner that will be there for you long term, maybe even helping your kids.  This is step number 1 to becoming healthy and preventing your ill health.  Now that you have established a GP (general practitioner), it’s TIME to GET EQUIPPED!

That’s right.  Read everything you can on things you enjoy and leave the rest to the experts.  Find a professional that will help you exercise properly, eat well, and educate you with the long term part of the healthy lifestyle.  You need to have time to think about what you want out of life and how to relay this to your doctor and also the health providers you surround yourself with.  You are all different and have different needs to achieve those goals.  Finally, it’s TIME to GET FRIENDS!

Things are always better when you can share them!

Health is serious, but only when we are not in good health.  It seems that most people wait to help themselves.  I urge you to take the time now to help your self in the future.  Did you know that many people with acid re-flux have a Hiatal Hernia that can be manually adjusted with out surgery!!  I have had numerous patients in office that have eliminated acid re-flux and now averted having surgery.  This is AWESOME for patients in two ways: cost savings (no surgery and not missing work) and less invasive. Talk to your health care professional about 1-2 times every year to set goals and make sure you are preventing bad habits for your health.