HIIT vs. Long Distance Training in 1/2 marathon run

One woman’s journey to health and running.

I was curious about this high intensity interval training (HIIT) that has been coming out in the research. I was exposed to HIIT at a conference this year. The presenter discussed the newest research being published by a friend of his. This friend was doing HIIT instead of long distance training for running a marathon, his first marathon. I believed the research was investigating the VO2 Max. The presenter proceeds to explain that his friend (non runner and older male) signed up and competed in a marathon for the first time in his life and won. Hard to believe I know. I should have picked his brain further and may do this now for the book title and research he based this training on. Instead I tried my own small research on myself and this thing called running.

My story is more or less just proving or disproving my hypothesis on HIIT training or traditional training for long distance running. What can I learn from this 3 minutes, 3 times a week easy HIIT work out vs. dreaded lengthy, time consuming dread of boring miles every week! Details below. Continue reading “HIIT vs. Long Distance Training in 1/2 marathon run”


Diabetes is reversible. Dementia is type 3 diabetes.

When “they” say there are no other options. Remember…there are!

As busy as today’s world is, it is sometimes better to do nothing.  The same is said with health.  There are many things out there that are good for our health.  This is dependent on other markers.  It is never a one size fits all in health.  If you are anemic it is not good for you to exercise, but if you are not anemic it is beneficial to exercise.  See where I am going with this?

Having a party last weekend at our home really drove home the most simplistic view is most times the one that is over looked. This can be deadly.

Don’t try to do fifteen different things from ten different doctors offices trying to accomplish anything.  This may seem a no brainer but we all do it.  Think about it.  We go to this doctor for my skin and that doctor for constipation.  They usually have a common denominator.  If you are having a few symptoms and some other random symptoms and/or possibly some family history of dementia, stroke, high BP/cholesterol, auto-immune disease, take it serious and get help from a professional.  You will thank your self in 10 years.

Things to do with your health:

  1. Ask your friends who they see and do your research on providers.  Do you want to see an MD, DC, NP, etc.  Each have their pros and cons and you have to figure out what type of provider works for you on achieving your health goals.
  2. Primary care physician is a must to direct your care.  A true primary care physician will be educated in most areas of health and be able to determine what needs to be addressed and what will go away with addressing the real issue.
    1. There is a difference between a MD and DC primary care model.  Diagnostic and Functional. To learn more please contact our office. (651) 633-4291.
  3. Save money to pay for your care.  The last thing you want is insurance dictating what your care will be.  This is not usually the way you’ll achieve the best health.  The best of doctors for prevention usually are not covered by insurance, rather you pay cash or use your HSA or FSA’s. Up front cost will help you live a quality of life by addressing your true issues and not treat the symptoms.
  4. Follow your plan and don’t jump ship from one thing to another.  It takes time to get better.  Symptoms can be a gage but doesn’t always mean everything to what is going on. This requires check-ins with your doctor to understand if what you are experiencing is normal or not.

Contrary to the common belief.  Our brain is plastic. Diabetes is reversible (even type 1 when caught in it’s early stage). There are many types of diabetes: type 1 (Autoimmune), type 2 (insulin resistant), type 1.5 (chronic type 2 morphing into type 1) and type 3 (diabetes of the brain. A.K.A. dementia).  Auto-immune disease (MS, Psoriasis, Hoshimoto’s, type 1 diabetes, etc) are reversible.

Research is revealing things we have been questioning for hundreds of years. If you have been told that there is nothing else you can do for your health, I challenge you to challenge that diagnosis and treatment model.



LIVER = Health

New research is coming in about your liver and your health.  It is nothing extremely new that your ability to detox (with your liver) is going to help you have better health.  What is new in the research is that there are over 350+ functions of the liver and they are all important.

As our population ages, so does the research on the contributors to health in that population.  Like Alzeimer’s Disease (AD) and dementia.  I bet you don’t know the difference?!

The liver has been studied lately with it’s correlations to how we utilize or breakdown our prescription drugs.  This link is important.  If you age and your liver functions less optimal and you start taking more drugs.  What is your risk of other health concerns?  When our liver is sluggish and it’s functions quit we get symptoms that can range from physical like pain between the shoulder blades or simple like having to take more of your pain med or other drugs because they are suddenly less effective.

If you have thought about my question about the difference between AD and Dementia I will give you a brief and general overview below. Continue reading “LIVER = Health”


Today there are so many things to keep track of, especially as a parent.  Pat yourself on the back guys for making it this far in life.  #TheStruggleIsReal for all of us.  So now have you tried metatation, diets, deep breathing like in Yoga, stretching, exercise, food preperation, etc?  Well, you are like many.

Here is a tip for all of you reading this. (#FoodForThought) What I tell my patients is simply this: less is more.  Start small, be mindful and learn about the things your heart seeks.  This means to choose to cook your meal, go outside and throw the ball with your kid, wake up the first sound of your alarm, drink water and sometimes say “NO” or “Not today!”.

I see patients at my practice all the time that need me to facilitate their care and give them direction and confidence to get there.

We don’t see the change that is occuring because we are the ones that are in our bodies and the people around us are mostly around too often to notice the clearer skin or the whit you used to have come back again.  These are things that you have to be mindful of and have a professionally devoted individual help you with.  That is why I am here.

TO all of you struggling right now in your daily life, here is some #RealIncouragement for you.

  • you’re human
  • you’re strong
  • you’re loved
  • you’re accepted
  • you’re ABLE

Now go and do nothing for a moment accept BE!


Defined as:

What? Yes, there are many definitions out there and many perceptions of what a balanced life consists of.

I am here to tell you that you will have a balance at any one point in time and if it’s not balanced, a stress will be put on to your everyday life eventually causing something to change.  There are two things you can do with this stress: 1. choose to continue what you’re doing or 2. chose to change what you’re doing.

Choosing to stay the way you are currently doing life, and push through you may find brings you back to square one…stressful.  This happens if you are the person who has done this each time you visit this situation in your life.  That means if you have already made this same decision…DON’T make it again.  That is defined as insanity.

ON the other hand. If you have never stuck with something or choose to stick with something, seeing it through, then you may want to try that.

If you notice the if’s and thens that I could repeat for a few pages giving scenarios, you get where I am headed with this.

Life is a balancing act. We have seasons of growth and stagnation. Seasons of being children and raising them.  The seasons can last as long as you let them or choose them to be.  Where ever you are at…stop to smell the roses and watch out for the thorns.


BALANCED is learned.

Learn to CHOOSE.

Choose the life you desire and remember…you can ALWAYS choose something else if the first 100 choices don’t work for your season.

The 411 on Goals

today is the day…

This is what you think when you wake, before the feet hit the pavement. Then…the next thought is CRUCIAL!

Don’t think after that first thought. Don’t talk yourself out of the first thought:) you GOT this if you just DO what your first thought said to DO.

Goals are simple if they are done day to day and adjusted to align once a week, biweekly or monthly. Sometimes I set up long term goals and look at them quarterly.

Know yourself and create goals to help your faults first. We all have hurdles and faults that need to be addressed before we set the goals to the MOON.  Small steps, slow and steady will get you to your largest goals.




Starting a health911 blog! Let’s solve your health problem stat:)


I am here as a doctor, educator, friend, sister, wife, mom and business owner to spill my guts about health in all forms.  This blog will be here to help those seeking how to reach their goals by first thinking about, then setting them.  (leading by example of course!)

I hope this finds you well and you can learn from my long and intense journey into health and well-being.


Dr. Nicole