HIIT vs. Long Distance Training in 1/2 marathon run

One woman’s journey to health and running.

I was curious about this high intensity interval training (HIIT) that has been coming out in the research. I was exposed to HIIT at a conference this year. The presenter discussed the newest research being published by a friend of his. This friend was doing HIIT instead of long distance training for running a marathon, his first marathon. I believed the research was investigating the VO2 Max. The presenter proceeds to explain that his friend (non runner and older male) signed up and competed in a marathon for the first time in his life and won. Hard to believe I know. I should have picked his brain further and may do this now for the book title and research he based this training on. Instead I tried my own small research on myself and this thing called running.

My story is more or less just proving or disproving my hypothesis on HIIT training or traditional training for long distance running. What can I learn from this 3 minutes, 3 times a week easy HIIT work out vs. dreaded lengthy, time consuming dread of boring miles every week! Details below. Continue reading “HIIT vs. Long Distance Training in 1/2 marathon run”