Diabetes is reversible. Dementia is type 3 diabetes.

When “they” say there are no other options. Remember…there are!

As busy as today’s world is, it is sometimes better to do nothing.  The same is said with health.  There are many things out there that are good for our health.  This is dependent on other markers.  It is never a one size fits all in health.  If you are anemic it is not good for you to exercise, but if you are not anemic it is beneficial to exercise.  See where I am going with this?

Having a party last weekend at our home really drove home the most simplistic view is most times the one that is over looked. This can be deadly.

Don’t try to do fifteen different things from ten different doctors offices trying to accomplish anything.  This may seem a no brainer but we all do it.  Think about it.  We go to this doctor for my skin and that doctor for constipation.  They usually have a common denominator.  If you are having a few symptoms and some other random symptoms and/or possibly some family history of dementia, stroke, high BP/cholesterol, auto-immune disease, take it serious and get help from a professional.  You will thank your self in 10 years.

Things to do with your health:

  1. Ask your friends who they see and do your research on providers.  Do you want to see an MD, DC, NP, etc.  Each have their pros and cons and you have to figure out what type of provider works for you on achieving your health goals.
  2. Primary care physician is a must to direct your care.  A true primary care physician will be educated in most areas of health and be able to determine what needs to be addressed and what will go away with addressing the real issue.
    1. There is a difference between a MD and DC primary care model.  Diagnostic and Functional. To learn more please contact our office. (651) 633-4291.
  3. Save money to pay for your care.  The last thing you want is insurance dictating what your care will be.  This is not usually the way you’ll achieve the best health.  The best of doctors for prevention usually are not covered by insurance, rather you pay cash or use your HSA or FSA’s. Up front cost will help you live a quality of life by addressing your true issues and not treat the symptoms.
  4. Follow your plan and don’t jump ship from one thing to another.  It takes time to get better.  Symptoms can be a gage but doesn’t always mean everything to what is going on. This requires check-ins with your doctor to understand if what you are experiencing is normal or not.

Contrary to the common belief.  Our brain is plastic. Diabetes is reversible (even type 1 when caught in it’s early stage). There are many types of diabetes: type 1 (Autoimmune), type 2 (insulin resistant), type 1.5 (chronic type 2 morphing into type 1) and type 3 (diabetes of the brain. A.K.A. dementia).  Auto-immune disease (MS, Psoriasis, Hoshimoto’s, type 1 diabetes, etc) are reversible.

Research is revealing things we have been questioning for hundreds of years. If you have been told that there is nothing else you can do for your health, I challenge you to challenge that diagnosis and treatment model.




Author: Dr. Nicole

Enjoyment of discussion, inspiration and sharing stories and life experiences is part of who I am. I have a lot of great ideas but no time to share them. Here I can write at my leisure. I am a mom, a student and a professional.

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